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2 Hour Lesson Pay As You Go (PAYG)*       £84.00

1.5 Hour Lesson PAYG*                               £64.50

1 Hour Lesson PAYG*                                  £43.00

10 Hours Paid in Advance*                       £410.00

Deposit**                                                     £84.00

Pass Plus Course (6 Hours)***                  £252.00

Hour before & use of driving school car on test 2 hours**** 

*      1 & 1.5 hour lessons not available from 1500 weekdays and all day weekends

**     Payable at time of booking except where 10 hours paid in advance at time of booking when this will be treated as a Deposit

***   A discount of £70 on the cost of Pass Plus Course may be available to drivers aged 17-25 years who live, work or study in

        Wiltshire (Wiltshire Council Terms & Conditions apply - ask us for more details)   

****  £10 per hour premium payable in advance for tests and, in exceptional circumstances, driving lessons on Saturdays


PHONE 01225 700287 or 07456897087 or E-MAIL using the button below NOW for full details of how Automatically Shamrock Driving School can help you to succeed!



  • Payment of Deposit due at time of booking initial lesson except where 10 hours paid in advance at time of booking when this will be treated as a Deposit. The Deposit shall be used to cover any cancellation fees (see below) or will be set against the Customer's final lesson fee with any remaining amount being refunded. 

  • Payment for PAYG lessons due on the preceding lesson.

  • Payment for 10 hours paid in advance due at the time of booking initial lesson (except where Deposit paid when due on first lesson of the block) and subsequently on the lesson before the first lesson of the applicable block.

  • Payment can be by cash, cheque (payable to "Shamrock Driving School"), Bank Transfer (please contact us for our bank details) or via PayPal. If you'd like to pay for driving lessons via PayPal, firstly book your driving lessons by phoning Automatically Shamrock Driving School on 01225 700287 or 07456897087 and tell us that you'll be paying via PayPal. Then pay for the driving lessons you've booked using the boxes below. We'll check that payment has been received and either phone or send you a text to confirm your driving lessons.



  • Driving lesson fees shall be payable in full where less than 48hrs notice of cancellation is provided by the Customer.

  • The Deposit (see above) shall be used to pay any cancellation fee when another Deposit payment or advance block booking payment, unless there is at least the fee for a 2 hour lesson remaining from any advance block booking payment or Deposit, will be due from the Customer at least 48 hours before any subsequent lesson.

TERMS & CONDITIONS. Click on the button below to visit our Terms & Conditions page for full details which, in the event of any discrepancy, shall take precedence over the above.

Pay by PayPal
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